video lexus confirms lfa nrburgring record with new footage -


Video Lexus Confirms Lfa Nrburgring Record With New Footage

  • Scheduled for prolongation in 2012, the LFA Nrburgring Package has been optimized to broach aloft opening on the track, with a number of modifications done to the typical LFA. The LFA Nrburgring package is enclosed in the paltry 500 prolongation run of the LFA.

  • The Nrburgring package includes a CO twine reinforced cosmetic (CFRP) front spoiler and prearranged back wing to complement aerodynamic performance. The LFA Nrburgring Package moreover comes with follow tuned postponement and law wheels to upgrade maneuverability and stability. Compared to the typical LFAs outlay of 412 kW (560 PS), the outlay of the LFA Nrburgring package has been lifted to 420 kW (571 PS).

  • On the Nrburgring Nordschliefe (North Loop), where the LFA was at length developed, veteran race motorist and LFA assessment driver, Akira Iida available a path time of only 7:14.64. The tires used during the opening analysis were Bridgestone Potenza RE070 tires that are the typical thoroughfare authorised selection for this LFA.

  • Dr. Schmidt , the COO of the Nrburgring Automotive GmbH settled For us, it is always really special when a automobile is created to encounter the needs of the Nrburgring-Nordschleife. It shows us that the Nordschleife still is of specific significance is to automotive attention and that it still radiates a extensive fascination. Lexus met the dare Nordschleife by building the Lexus LFA Nrburgring package. The path time driven demonstrates impressively that Lexus have done an glorious work in relating the challenges of the follow with the needs of an disdainful sports car. This is an outstanding outcome for Lexus and a encouragement of the glorious work done. We are really gay by this.

  • Haruhiko Tanahashi, LFA Chief Engineer settled Since 2004 in the spring and summer of every year you have conducted growth tests is to LFA at Nrburgring Nordschleife. The LFA Nrburgring package is the collection of our extensive contrast programme and you have appreciated the opportunities to utilize the Nrburgring Nordschleife to intensify and rise the LFA in to the van it is today. The growth teams obsession, Iida-sans thoroughness and great march conditions all led to achieving this record.

  • Commenting on the outcome Iida-san mentioned We are gay with this achievement. Our continuing growth of the LFA and our new outings at the Nrburgring 24h race have enabled us to one after another to melody the vehicle. The outcome with the LFA Nrburgring package shows the cars best opening and agility. This is a initial wake up of its sort for Lexus and the regular bid of the group has brought this wonderful result.

  • The Lexus LFA supercar was initial shown at the 41st Tokyo motorshow. The growth took place over a time of 10 years and was an essential step for Lexus, and its future models. The initial model of the new era Lexus, the new GS shows the new citation is to brand in conditions of bold, energetic styling, correct handling and innovative technology. The full hybrid GS 450h will be shown is to initial time at Frankfurt motorshow on the 13th September.





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