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Touchstone Cambridge Classware 1

  • Touchstone is an innovative new series for adult and young learners of English. It draws on extensive research at Cambridge International Corps on the north American English. Large database of everyday conversations and texts, shows how people use the English language. At the core academic area of Touchstone is a new management strategy conversation: how to start and how to end the conversation, how to ask or to ask indirect questions... The result is an innovative course in language and skills development that helps learners communicate naturally and effectively, even in the beginning level.

  • Touchstone offers a new approach to teaching and learning of English. Touchstone Whiteboard Software - software that allows teachers to submit complete lessons on the big screen or a smart board in front of the class. The software includes an interactive tutorial with a student video, interactive on-screen applications, audio and text tools, and much more. Teachers can choose and organize the content of the lessons themselves. This package contains software for Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.

  • Extras. information: Interactive version is primarily intended for training in e- classrooms equipped with smart boards (Smart Board) with the teacher. You can also learn on their own PC. Given that the course fully anglofitsirovan, I can say that it is designed for those who passed the school curriculum in English. Rare prog, given its excessive price to the 500 British pounds! Touchstone is a version of the book of the Middle East (Middle East) edition, which can be judged from the pictures and corresponding text.

  • Classware can be used with interactive whiteboards and portable whiteboard devices or simply with a computer and projector. That means, with a minimum of equipment you can display the pages of the course and use the tools to annotate the material and work with the content – nothing could be easier.





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