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Top 100 Jazz Songs

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  • CJ - I am reminded of the song Jesus loves the llitte children, all the children of the world, red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight, Jesus loves the llitte children of the world I also noticed in the midst of such bad surroundings, the creative, bright colors that shone through. It seems where there is the darkest of environments, the Lord shines the brightest with light and color! The children had such a bright light in their eyes, smiles and even dimples. You have a gift that is to be commended. The Lord has blessed you and you are returning the blessing for His glory. I see His glory all over these pictures in the colors, light and these children\'s faces! Thanks for sharing.

  • 17 febrero, 2012 a las 9:29 PM PRIMERO: Yo Te Sugiero Que No Pelees Con Tus Padres, Pues Ellos Sf2lo Vieron y Vere0n Tf9 Bienestar. SEGUNDO: Ellos No Desconfecan De Ti, Pero Si Desconfecan De Los Deme0s, Nosotros Podemos Ser Personas Integras, Intachables y Honorables, Pero..bfbfSabemos Como Son Los Deme0s??, La Situacif2n Este0 Difeccil y Ellos Se Preocupan Por Ti, Quize0s Puedas Salir Con Un Familiar Acompaf1andote, f2 Puedes Organizar Una Fiesta o Comida En tu Casa Con Tus Amistades, No Es Malo Que Quieras Salir, Pero La Situacif2n Sigue Difeccil!!.



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