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The Last Stand Of The 300 Spartans

  • It is almost impossible to understand how 300 Spartans managed to hold off the million-man Persian army for even a moment, much less seven days. To a man they paid with their lives but their stunning Last Stand assured that their sacrifice would resonate throughout history. Relying on brilliant tactics, lifelong training, and unshakable allegiance, the doomed Spartans achieved the impossible.

  • Interesting but probably inaccurate. This and the APPALLING 300 film are both wasted opportunities to tell the story properly. For some reason everyone forgets the role of the other Greek armies in taking their turn and dying on the front line. Nice to hear comments including Thesbians in the last stand, though. Killing the wounded off would be a tactical error better to leave the wounded to be fed and treated, thereby tying up the enemy resources.

  • what i dont really understand is that the two front lines took on many many persians, when they were outflanked surely they should have just turned half of the 300 around, then 150(roughly) would be defending from the front, and the 150 defending the back, and thats not including the rest of the troops who chose to stay. obviously it would have been extremely hard for like 1300 troops to defeat 300,000-2,000,000 persians, but just because some not so well trained troops left, it surely shouldnt have effected the spartan position? Another point that really frustrates me is the whole layout, if the spartans sent all the force out and the troops that fled to save their home didnt, i reckon greeks may have won. think, in a phew days 7000 troops took on over 20,000 then surely more would have won.







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