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Pc Gamer Fighting Counter Strike Source Released March Juego Hotfile

  • has outlined five of the nine maps that will ship with Battlefield 3 when its released next week. As well as the now familiar 64-player Caspian Border map, Kharg Island introduces some massive desert environments and Grand Bazaar stages a tight infantry fight in the streets of central Tehran.

  • This weeks pick of free games includes Nous, an abstract and colourful top-down blaster that manages to tell an engaging sci-fi story about psychology. Its thoughtful and immensely good fun, merging its various styles to present something thats both unique and accessible. Elsewhere, theres a Braid-influenced puzzle-platformer and a zombie survival strategy game, and we revisit BeGone, a browser-based multiplayer shooter thats undergone quite a transformation since we first looked at it in March. Read on to discover some of the best freebies currently doing the internet rounds.

  • Everybody was kung-fu fighting, say wise words passed through the ages as legend. They were fast as lightning. Capcom and Namco, it would seem, took those words to heart. When they say everybodys fighting, they mean it.





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