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  • Oh God not complaining here but I would like to point out that some mp3 encodings I have downloaded in /jp/ seems to have some messed up tags (tags arent in ID3v2 runes turn gibbberish etc. usual locale problem).

  • Why do you guys want to play a shitty reskinned version of Mario Kart so bad? I know Cirno Racing stars your favorite fapsturbation rape targets but seriously I doubt the game can compare in any way to the actual Mario Kart. In fact I would say it would be FAR better to do a ROM hack ala Touhoumon than play the shit you guys are creaming your panties over.

  • Did Operation Jaguar take their list of Touhou-related doujin games to be released this Comiket off their blog? I wanted to check which games I was expecting but forgot. All I remember is that Touhou Space Invaders or something like that.

  • Were not going to get any brilliant piano arranges from CYTOKINE soon. Thats why Im so intrigued to the idea of them producing their first techno album at C77. The xfades sounds promising its more melodic and exploratory than Plastik World though not as mindblowing as Reine Oktave.





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