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New Song Rihanna Wait Your Turn 2nd Single

  • The 2nd single to be lifted from Rihannas Rated R LP, Wait Your Turn surfaced LITERALLY moments ago. Surprisingly, the Chase amp; Status produced cut isnt nearly as bad as the initial clip indicated. Dare I say, Im actually feeling this (yes, you read right!).

  • While, in no way (at all) does this warrant the¬†unnecessary hype surrounding her project (no way, no how), the swagger Ms. Fenty channels on this one, really compliments the gritty, hard-knocking production. Perhaps most notable is her thick Bajan accent on the verses which actually gives the track a layer of authenticity, as she ¬†sounds comfortable and not as forced or strained as she usually does. Listening to this kinda makes me wonder why her team went with the dryness that is Russian Roulette. Cant wait to see her perform this live

  • This is pretty shocking. I had actually thought that she had lost the majority of her accent when I heard Russian Roulette, but it sounds like its a bit fiercer here than its ever been before. This isnt a bad cut at all, shes channeling some newfound swagger, I just still dont really like her new image. It reminds me way too much of a darker version of the woman who was accused recently of copying Gaga with her single Silly Boy. Im liking the new music from Rihanna though, its great that she can breeze through so many styles and pull them all off.

  • Ok Rihan, this was better than Russian Roulette. Maybe she will give me what I am needing from her with the 3rd single cause yall know her team is going to be pumping out a single left and right and up and down just like they did Good Girl Gone Bad.. I like the beat a lot though.

  • Now listen, Im no Rihanna hater by any means, but DO NOT fuck with Janet! The Queen Of Pops name shouldnt even be in the same SENTENCE as Rihanna, unless theyre working on a project or something together, period. HIHIHIHIHI must have eaten a bad piece of halloween candy because he/shes trippin with that Janet never could bullshit

  • As far as the song is concerned, its alright. I think itll have to grow on me a bit more (which, like any Rihanna single, probably will.) I do like the fact shes really using her accent on the track. Its refreshing to hear.

  • sam m happy ur comming around with dis rihanna thin u have kept the hate 2 a minimum and actually praised 4 her voice gud 4 u. im impressed by u. the song is a hit, no need 2 here it twice 2 no it

  • sam m happy ur comming around with dis rihanna thin u have kept the hate 2 a minimum and actually praised her 4 her voice gud 4 u. im impressed by u. the song is a hit, no need 2 here it twice 2 no it

  • I actually Like the Russian Roulette Better, Its Haunting amp; Epic. I Can actually relate to both senses of the song; I get scared to take risque amp; My Heart does sumtimes Beat Pain amp; i also can Relate to wanting to Pull the Trigger. But the real Concept of the song when you really listen to it, its about taking Risque even though you know that the outcome could result in you getting hurt; Ultimately Dealth. If you still dont like Russian Roulette after listening to it a couple times via the radio or internet, Try listening through your ear w/ an Audio Device(MP3) with the Base turned up- After doing this I Feel in love w/ this song

  • Damn this songs effin sucksthis what you had your fans waiting for some old left over Ciara sounding mess. No you dont have enough talent to pull off the cockiness of the lyrics eithertry again and come back with something hot please. Ugh Im pissed

  • I tried to play it again but my ears couldnt take it, this song will turn alot of people off and not get much play- hopefully for her the video will make it but as it is, the song is not good at all.

  • Im absolutely luvin this track. The lyrics and the flow is nice. Luv that she threw her accent in there a bit. I cant wait til her album drops. Riri is the business, vocal ability or not. Shes giving me what the music industry aint giving me right now and thats something different!

  • I know carribbean music and Sasha would SlaT her or even Patra- this sucks- This barely sounds like it could be an album filler, its that bad and definitely not single material- after the hype dies down, this song wont cut it- its mostly her stans liking it. Even Toya, her major stan gave it a 3/5- whats that telling you!! ughh!

  • The song is OK, an album filler at best. I have GGGB and these singles of late arent living up to the hype nor the previous record. Not saying that most artist dont have a fall off on next albums after huge sucesses, but for the sake of being dark and SO different, lol, I feel like Rihanna has alienated part of her audience. She will always have die hard fans but you have to keep some since of consistency with song type to keep your base while attracting others. Stars with multiple platinum albums do this. With GGGB it seemed like she found her niche, catchy songs, hot styling without alot of dancing, she made you dance. But these songs drag and sound lazy. Ill wait for another single, she hasnt done anyting for me to buy this album yet .

  • sam, i am gonna believe that you are being sarcastic here..i know rihanna fans attack you but this is not the way to go!! this song is not good or bad..its just there but far from the hype she gets..smh..i have not heard a single hit from her thus far!!

  • Miss and yall know it! Just cause you are a die hard fan dont mean you cant except the truth about this girl with no talent from Barbados, will this new CD live up to the miracle of GGGB? No! every single that has come from it thus far has been bad previews of nothing good coming for the major show and if she is singing without autotune or whatever she needs to go back and fast! This hype was way over built and her limitless singing ability can only achieve nothing. The accent she is bringing back shows this is an attempt to sale a song that was produced by a good producer but given to a singer with no singing abiity al all and she is getting ready to go back home with her tail between her legs begging for forgiveness from turning her back on her loved ones who wouldve stood by her no matter what. What goes up! must come down! There has not been one #1 hit so far from this mess and you all know it!

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