nah right lil wayne s i am not a human being track list -


Nah Right Lil Wayne S I Am Not A Human Being Track List

  • ^What the fuck is funny fam? Have ever seen the movie? If so, youd see the connection with Beyonces robot fetish, Madonnas concert opening video, and Lady Gagas whole fucking persona.

  • yall killin meyall nahggers smoke too damn much. niggas extra paranoid about shit the goverment already had access tonigga they gave you a 9 digit number on your day of birth to track everything you doanything that numbers been on they can trace. think about it. fuck a facebook and twitter..that shit for marketing and consumptiongetcha zygiest up niggas.

  • with something like this. It turns out that Lil Waynes I Am Not A Human Being is no longer an EP, but now an LP (according to Birdman) and it will be available digitally on Lil Waynes





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  • Very true! Makes a change to see somenoe spell it out like that. :)



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    nah right lil wayne s i am not a human being track list