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Microsoft System Center Essentials 2010 V7 0 2432 0 Final 2 7

  • The solution of the product family management of IT systems, specifically designed for midsize businesses, which offers a unified solution for more effective implementation of proactive operations management of IT infrastructure company.

  • Corporation Microsoft - the biggest multinational company producing software for all kinds of computers - personal computers, game consoles, PDAs, mobile phones and other things, the developer of the most widely used at present in the world of software platform - a family of operating systems, Windows. Founded in 1975, Bill Gates and Paul Allen, at the time - the students. Company name - an abbreviation of . MICROcomputer SOFTware («software for microcomputers).

  • Many of the problems IT facing mid-sized companies, linked to the management. They include addressing the end-user, automated task management, diagnostics, and troubleshoot their IT systems. Today, most medium-sized companies need to use diverse means to manage their IT environments. Most of these funds represent a point solutions, rather than full-fledged management tool. Some of these tools - no more than a new packaged management tools designed for large companies, which can be complex and require more effort to master. The majority of IT professionals is not enough free time to learn and effectively use funds intended for large companies. Based on the feedback of consumers and partners in this area, Microsoft has designed the System Center Essentials, unified solution for proactive management, with which IT professionals in medium-sized companies can more efficiently update, monitor and troubleshoot their IT infrastructure.

  • A unified approach helps to optimize the performance of various tasks throughout the IT environment. Microsoft System Center Essentials reduces the complexity inherent in the approach initially using several means of IT or facilities specifically designed for the IT environment of large companies.

  • Unified reporting based on SQL reporting mechanism facilitates the preparation, review, save, print and transmit via e-mail data on the status of IT systems. Microsoft System Center Essentials has previously prepared sample reports that are available immediately after installation, which fully satisfy the needs of the user. These reports cover the inventory of resources, the state of your IT environment, resource planning, deployment and integration of software updates. You can even configure Microsoft System Center Essentials to transfer this morning by e-mail exhaustive daily status report.

  • Microsoft System Center Essentials is based on the volume base of expertise for the management platforms, applications and workloads. This knowledge includes information on the maintenance and diagnostics for server and client operating systems, Windows, Active Directory, Office, Exchange, SQL and IIS.

  • Troubleshooting end-user without the appropriate tools and diagnostic data - thankless task, which can be time consuming. Sometimes, small problems become big problems before the specialist will be notified of them and be able to start looking for reasons for failure. Microsoft System Center Essentials - self-managing solution that notifies IT staff immediately after a problem occurs, then helps to proactively diagnose and fix the problem, speeding up its decision.

  • Many IT professionals spend a lot of time on manual troubleshooting. Often this has to do by phone, email or using dial-up connection using Remote Desktop Connection. Microsoft System Center Essentials allows you to receive notification of any malfunctions and to more effectively diagnose through integrated remediation issues for the client computers, servers and services, such as Exchange Server.

  • Microsoft System Center Essentials - self-managed solution that allows you to receive warnings about problems with the performance and the necessary upgrades to IT systems. Microsoft System Center Essentials automatically checks for available updates that are applicable to this IT system, and issues reports with warnings. This allows you to quickly detect any problems that arise during the upgrade.

  • Immediately after installing Microsoft System Center Essentials allows you to adjust and make corrections to the IT environment without interrupting users or network. With the help supplied with the product configuration wizard is easy to change the rules for updating client computers and servers in the network. You can define the update parameters, such as which products to update and what types of updates, distribute, or simply ask a forced installation. Microsoft System Center Essentials supports automatic deployment of updates for Microsoft operating systems and hardware, drivers and applications - like Microsoft, and other companies. Microsoft System Center Essentials discovers new updates that apply to your environment, and sends alerts to the user to make a timely decision.

  • Microsoft System Center Essentials automates data collection for the inventory of software and hardware, resulting in an opportunity to evaluate the optimal configuration of resources and regulatory compliance. You can perform search operations, filtering, and create inventory reports, to prepare updated lists of attributes of all the installed programs and equipment to receive reports of compliance with regulatory acts and inventory records. Inventory data from the management console can also be seen in context that facilitates decision-making for diagnosis and troubleshooting. For example, if you receive one of the users on the timing of the applications on your computer, you can choose its system on the panel Computers, and by clicking on the CPU performance, see the boot options the computer processor of the user





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