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Is Nickelodeon S Invader Zim Coming Back

  • is reporting that they believe that Nickelodeons television show Invader Zim may be coming back to television, and we cant even explain how excited we would be if this was true!

  • Nick lost a lot of viewers because of the cancellation of Invader Zim. That is the biggest mistake they have made, in my opinion. With a lot of devotion to the show, people have been creating and signing petitions to bring Invader Zim back. With this, Zim is coming back today!!!!!!!!!! VICTORY FOR ZIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Do you know how happy I would be if they made NEW Invader Zim episodes??! To me, Avatar: the last airbender and Invader Zim are the only good shows Nick has had in a LONG time. I first saw this show when I 9. I saw the commercial in March for IZ episodes, and almost peed. Please Nick, I am somehow addicted to this show, as are thousands of others. Ratings will be through the roof if you put it back on. One more thing, my little brother is 10 and he loves the show as much as I do! And unlike poor unfortunate human puppies, I do not have a small minded parent controlling what I watch and how I live. If soccer moms have a problem with it, they can switch to Disney channel and continue to smother their children with fluffy clouds and rainbows (not promoting disney channel here, its a cesspool of stupid and fake teen situation shows).

  • I hope Nick does put invader Zim back on I really miss it, and I have recently heard they are making a new Avatar Series called Avatar: The Legend of Kora, she is the water tribe born new avatar. Google it. I heard it will be Darker and moremature but still have all the jokes. So thats two thongs to be excited about!

  • I love Invader Zim and I really want the show to be put on tv. There are a lot of people that buy gir and invader zim stuff from hot topic so why do people think it is a bad idea to put it on tv? It would have really high ratings. My dad and mom even buy gir things and watch the shows with me so please put it on, please. Every one at my school loves gir. What if I did a survey at my school to see if people would watch it? If there was a lot of people, would nick put it on? Please do.

  • I miss Zim. I especially miss Gir!!!! This was the best show EVER!!! And now it might be gone forever!! Its just soooo STUPID that you did that. I would watch Nick more often now if you put that show back on! I mean whats worse for someone to watch. Gir looking like hes bloody. BUT HES NOT!!!! Or watching shows that swear all the time!!!!!! If you dont put Invader Zim back on I will be sooooo angry!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrr Or should I say Gir!!!!

  • im really hoping that invader zim gets a reboot. cmon nick! you know canceing invader zim was a bad career movement! the 16 unfinished episodes and unfinished movie NEED to be done! if u want to make more episodes then go ahead! but there will never be another set of charecters like the ones in invader zim! i know alot about jhonen vasquez and what he does and he worked really hard on this show! canceling it made fans and him sad! ur lucky zim hasnt been forgotten yet! so if nick makes the new episodes, i will have a fangirl shreak, watch every episode, and dedicate a whole wall in my room to pics of zim,gaz,dib,gir,etc!!!! PLZ IM BEGGING YOU NICK! YOU PUT US THROUGH ENOUGH SUFFERING WITH PLANET SHEEN AND FANBOY AND CHUMCHUM!!!!!!! LET US HAVE OUR MOMENT NOW!!!

  • Everyone I know is in love with this show, and over the years it has surpassed the age barriers. I work with children who are madly in love with this show, and from their response to me showing them the DVDs of zim, I can tell that the audience you would receive would be well worth re-airing the show. Children have told me that they want to know why television is no longer good, and why they are forced to live in a world with chum-chum, the new spongebob, and flapjack. Please, put this show back on, it was one of your best. Help show children good television again.

  • Old news but from the horses mouth. Not sure if anything has changed since September, but Jhonen is not too optimistic about there being new episodes. But hes also an incredibly cynical man so maybe he was exaggerating the bleakness. As far as new product being shoveled out as proof of a rebirth, just take a look at Hot Topic. Theyve been milking the Invader Zim cow for as long as I can remember; its only been Gir products though and that makes total sense because hes the character that people go most crazy over. (Apparently. I would agree because I bought an Gir throw about six months ago.)

  • I love that show and yes i am very up set but see that it come on nicktoons and i record every last episode on my tv now my easy are watering because i miss gir and gaz and zim and dim it breaks my heart that the dont get new episodes i wish that bloody Gir happened but it did so get over it you have a teen nick.

  • I was not trying to be rude but you would get a lot of more view or make an another thing like teen nick and invader zim on it and some other channels like you did teen nick? a lot of people miss that show i know i sure do.

  • Result: the show gets a swarm of new fans, and the old fans gleefully return to the network. Most of these fans spew money at Invader ZIM, causing the show to run until its Spongebob level bad (unless Johnen has his way, and new ideas and characters are tossed around, making the show a long-runner that people DONT end up hating!).

  • Im just mad at the fact that nick doesnt even want to give the rights up to any other TV station. Im sure MTV or cartoonnetwork would gladly buy it from them, and the Zim fans are happy, and nick gets their money while also getting a decrease in hate mail and death threats. I grew up with Invader Zim, and it was the thing that made me happy everyday of my life. It also made TV enjoyable. When you put bull**** shows up on TV like Planet Sheen, Fanboy and ChumChum, andgod help us allBig Time Rush, you warp the minds of younger kids who have nothing entertaining to watch. Invader Zim was the DEFINITION of amazing TV. So if Nick doesnt want to air it, give it to someone who will.

  • Please bring Invader ZIM back! Its the best show that Nick has in my opinion and in a lot of others. Invader ZIM was an awesome show please, please bring it back! Jhonen Vasquez rocks!

  • Bring back Invader Zim. Read the Bring back Invader Zim Petition. 206293 Signatures Total. DO YOU NOT SEE THE SIGNATURES NICK?! And thats only a fraction of whats on deviant art, random people, hardcore fans, and anyone who just loves the cartoon! Jhonen himself said, and this is a quote from his blog, :Now here’s the part that doesn’t quite play into the lunatic agenda of spreading hilarious misinformation: I loved the idea of doing more ZIM stuff! The link is here

  • BRING BACK INVADER ZIM! Come on Nick YOU KNOW THIS IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO, for all I care you can get the huge amount of money out of this, but we can get what we want INVADER ZIM, bring it BACK, let Jhonen think more freely, were not DUMB, we kno whats going on, so why put trash like Fanboy Chum Chum and Planet sheen, when you can have Invader Zim running as topshows. Its so obvious. If youre to lazy to make more or unwilling to make the show give it to some other company thats WILLING to, like cartoon network or some other company.





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