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Interview Susan Voisin Of Fat Free Vegan Kitchen

  • Susan Voisin is the powerhouse blogger behind Fat Free Vegan Kitchen, one of the most beloved and oft-referenced vegan food blogs on the Internet. Her tasty recipes have a tendency toward winning everyone over—including carnivores. We’re certainly not the only ones who love what she’s doing, but we’re definitely among her biggest fans. Check out Susan’s recipes and gorgeous food photos at her award-winning blog,

  • grew out of that site, and I started it mostly as a way to keep myself accountable. In other words, I planned to write down everything I ate in order to stick to my diet and post it on my blog. But soon after I started it, I began posting more of my own recipes to show people that a fat-free vegan diet can be varied and interesting and delicious. Still, I never really expected that the blog would catch on with people who aren’t fat-free or vegan, but it has.

  • I learned so much from Nava and from the book’s art director about what goes into a good photo—everything from choice of dishes down to having all the bell peppers cut the same size. To tell the truth, I really wasn’t ready for the job, but it made me grow as a photographer much more quickly than I would have otherwise. I’m now working with Nava on a much bigger book (Vegan Holiday Kitchen, due out Fall 2011) with about five times as many photos, and though I still think my photography has a long way to go, I’m happy to see that it continues to improve.

  • I never would have dreamed I’d be taking the photos for a Nava Atlas cookbook or cooking side-by-side with Bryanna Clark Grogan at a McDougall Celebrity Chef Weekend, but I have. Nava’s and Bryanna’s cookbooks were invaluable to me when I first became a vegetarian, and Bryanna and Dr. John McDougall were doing fat-free vegan cooking long before I got my first email address. I’m honored—and surprised—to have been able to work with them.

  • I feel the greatest sense of accomplishment when people tell me that I’ve helped them to either become vegetarian or to stick to a healthy diet. I get emails and Facebook messages all the time from people who plan their meals around my blog and who describe all of the health benefits they’ve gained from cutting out fat and animal products. And I’m very vain about my recipes, so I feel pretty proud when people tell me that their non-vegan friends love them.

  • My mother taught me the basics, and I still call her when I need help with something she made when I was growing up, like her strawberry pie or cornbread dressing. But it wasn’t until I moved out on my own that I really started to learn my way around a kitchen. A friend’s mother gave me an ancient copy of

  • , and I used it to make myself dishes that I’d heard of but, at the time, never tasted (Chicken Kiev, Chocolate Dobosh Torte). This was all before I was vegetarian, much less vegan, and I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I cooked my way through all the egg dishes. Joy of Cooking may not be what foodies now think of as a gourmet cookbook, but it was plenty haute to me at the time and taught me the basics of making a sauce or baking a cake.





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