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Five Fun Games A Unique Sim Arcade Games Underwater

  • Aqua Park Although the game play of Aqua Park is fairly simple, it’s a refreshing reprieve (not to mention addictive!) in the world of casual gaming because it’s a departure from hidden objects, match three and time management multitasking games. In Aqua Park, a unique kind of arcade game, click on fish so they’ll float up to their matching boat. They’re endangered species collected to keep them safe in their new home: Aqua Park. The bonuses keep the game lively, and gamers will be unexpectedly playing for a long while! 

  • ), takes you back to eccentric and kooky Peeking Town. As the adorable Miss Teri Tale, it’s again up to you to head an investigation of a series of mysterious murders. Comb through the memories of the town’s residents, solve puzzles and collect the clues that will lead you to the killer. Part 3 of the crime adventure is filled with unbelievable twists and turns. 

  • Empress of the Deep Empress of the Deep The Darkest Secret, an adventure game filled with puzzles and quests, takes gamers far below the ocean’s surface. The main character, Anna, wakes up in a sarcophagus in an underwater kingdom after a century long slumber. She doesn’t know who she is and where she is. As Anna, explore the deep blue sea wandering through ancient temples and underwater chambers looking for relics and other artifacts that will shed light on what has happened to you, who the Empress of the Deep is, and how you’re involved with the darkest secret!  

  • I Spy Mystery I Spy games have been so popular among kids and adults alike and now these brain games have come to the Mac. So, with a huge inspiration from those I Spy games, play I Spy Mystery to partake in some of the most thrilling mystery cases you’ve ever seen to-date. Select a case file and earn clues by solving I SPY riddles and searching for carefully hidden objects. Collect hints and solve the cases of Midnight Mouse, Knight Fall, Missing Art and myriads of other mysteries. 

  • Great Adventures Lost in Mountains A prominent scientist has disappeared from the face of the earth under very suspicious and unclear circumstances. It’s a mountain mystery wrapped in a conundrum wrapped in a very unique sim game for Mac! Back to the game. It’s up to the scientist’s daughter to find him and keep his powerful formula out of the evil claws of the enemies. Delve into this detective story and solve brain teasing puzzles while you track down the missing doctor in Great Adventures: Lost in Mountains. With addictive sim and multitask game play, keep your characters healthy and happy to complete the mission!  

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  • This toy is such a good idea someone has taken the time to frgiue out that both gloves should fit onto either hand, which makes getting the gloves on quicker but since the fabric is very thin, it is still a struggle to get the gloves on. The idea is that you have these tiny weighted fish\' that you throw into the pool, they sink and then you go fetch them since the fish\' have a strong magnet in them and there is a strong magnet in the palm of the glove, you can pick up the fish by swimming past them and moving the glove over them. There are two gloves and each child really only needs one glove to play, so one pair permits two people to play the game. Both gloves can go on either the right or left hand. There is a folded piece of fabric that makes a pocket on the back of the glove where you can store your found fish\' but this pocket is way too small to be easily used really hard to get the fish\' into the pocket and even harder to get them out. The fish\' themselves are too small, I think, and easily get misplaced everywhere in the house, in the grass, in the skimmer. So I think the idea of the game is wonderful which is why I initially purchased the game but the actual parts are rather poorly designed with less than adequate materials.

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