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Ferrari 599 Gto 2010 First Official Pictures

  • Match that to the extra power, plus a F1 sequential manual gearbox that shifts cogs in 60ms, and the 599 GTO will hit 62mph in 3.35 seconds. And if youre worrying about the environment, despite the extra grunt the reduction in kilos means the 599 GTO is actually 4g/km cleaner than the regular 599.

  • The Ferrari 599 GTO will shown to a few of Ferraris most valued customers at Maranello on 14 April, before being unveiled to us mere mortalsat the Beijing motor show at the end ofApril 2010.

  • Like it or not Ferrari exists to make a handsome profit. GTO resonates mainly with the older generation. Most of us do not care what it is called as long asit performs. Also, those that the car was made for are not on this forum and those who own older GTOs are not here either. I find it strange that the car has been judged before it even steps out. I wonder what that is called.

  • Flagrant abuse of a sacred badge. The whole point of the fabled GTO moniker is to distinguish an homologation special, tamed for the road. This is nothing more than a pimped-up 599 and most will spend their life noisily cruising the Brompton Road rather than haring around race circuits. A wonderful piece of engineering, no doubt, but a true GTO? No way.







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  • IT Nerd, I now have a 3.0 liter SHO that I keep in top-notch condition, and aholtugh it\'s definitely not a Corvette nor a car that has Italian name(s), I still get my jollies with 235 HP under the hood. I *love* to suck the doors off of those 5.0 liter Mustangs, and the SHO is a real sleeper until the third-stage (!) kicks in. The car\'s paid for, insurance is cheap, and it gets 25MPG in town and 30 at 90 mph.I would\'ve bought your ragtop in a heartbeat, I love the Malibu! My dad had a \'65 that he sold, rather than keeping it for a few extra years until I came of driving age *sigh*Nevertheless, If I could afford a Ferrari Igor



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    ferrari 599 gto 2010 first official pictures