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Engine Codes And Conversion Options Scirocco Register Faq

  • Mechanically identical to the DX the PB comes with VWs Digifant electronic injection. Whilst not a drop in upgrade per-se, the Digifant injection is considered easier to tune and tweak in the chip sense as modern injections systems are evolved from it, rather than the antiquated mechanical K-jet systems. The fact that the mk2 Golf Gti (amongst others) came with it from 86 onwards also adds an abundance of parts.

  • Nicknamed the bubbleblock due to its distinctive casting towards the bottom. Requires more ancillaries and brackets to be swapped around due to audis insistence on mounting their engines longitudinally. Favoured by some over the 2E as the block is the same height as the 1.8. Came with K-jet injection.

  • The product of the what if school of engineering in Wolfsburg, a scaled down supercharger strapped to a 1298cc block. Designed for fit in a polo, then engine mounts are different to the Scirocco unless youve got a 1.1 or 1.3l model which is the ideal starting point for this sort of conversion.

  • With any of the 2.0l 8v blocks the dizzy hole is a tad larger (dont ask why) so your 1.8 dizzy wont fit. However the 2.0l dizzy wont run a 1.8l engine with standard carb or k-jet because the hall sensor in the 1.8 dizzy has centrifugal and vacuum advance, whereas the 2..0l doesnt because the advance is handled by the ECU.

  • Comes with KE-jet injection (a horrid fusion of K-jet and electronics) but some wussy mild profile cams to keep the emissions from roasting the catalytic converter that was fitted as stock. Cams from a KR (1.8l) engine are much fruitier and increase the output to somewhere around the 150BHp mark.

  • The block is the same height as the 1.8l so manifolds are easier to come by, and underbonnet clearance shouldnt be an issue. The easiest conversion is to use K-jet bits but knock/pinking can be an issue due to the capacity amp; compression the 9A came with knock sensors to combat this, but they only work with the KE-jet injection.

  • A younger engine than the 9A and comes with electronic Injection rather than KE-jet, thus allowing hotter cams and a better output from stock. More plentiful than the 9A too, though prices are higher due to the comparative youth and demand for conversions. Best installed with the (Motronic) management it came with.. Has a taller block like the 2E though, so clearance may be an issue.

  • Smaller and lighter than the VR6 with better tuning potential the 20vt lumps come in a variety of incarnations with subtle differences. Best to get engine, tranny and management as a job lot for an easy life, but you can chop amp; change. Expect to have to fabricate a cambelt side engine mount, but the rest will go across without too many issues. These are about as far as you can take it whilst keeping the front of the car recognisable as a VW. the 20vT engines have some serious potential, with outputs up to 500Bhp possible (with some serious effort).

  • Ive not mentioned anything about transmission yet, basically most 4pot tranny is interchangeable if you keep the clutch and shifter mech with the gearbox a 8v clutch wont go on a 16v box and later boxes have cable shift whichll need a bit of bulkhead butchery to make work. Someone with more cogbox enthusiasm can write their own FAQ on this.







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