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Comunidad Chilecomparte Gt Colin Mcrae Dirt 2 Full Pc

  • Colin McRae Dirt 2 juego de rally Colin McRae Dirt 2 Full todo tipo de terrenos. Ya llego la esperadisima segunda parte del famoso hit Colin McRae: Dirt. La mejor tradicion en simuladores de autos multiplica su esplendor con la adicion de la mas moderna tecnologia. Te espera un increible y exitante tour a traves de las Americas, Europa y Asia. Podras elegir la ruta y deberas luchar para mantenerte en foco, desde clasicas hasta novedosas carreras con saltos en trampolines, rampas y hasta efectos pirotecnicos.

  • Un avanzado modo jugador individual te permitira manejar autos deportivos inteligentes y desafiar a los mejores corredores del mundo. ┬íTrata de mantenerte en la cima de tu carrera y viaja por todo el mundo Consigue dinero para nuevos autos de 7 clases diferentes, incluyendo autos clasicos de carrera y hsata el famoso Subaru Impreza WRX con el cual Colin McRae gano el campeonato.





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  • (Video Game) Great gpharics, sound, and control of the car. Nice to see more rallying in this Dirt series. Overall an enjoyable game, BUT!, Dirt 3 has missed many opportunities to being a AAA rally game. Codemasters claim 60% is rally. The problem is a large majority of the tracks are less then 2mins long, with almost half in snowy conditions – this becomes very tedious. The loading screens feel longer then the actual races!!. Due to this you end up feeling your playing mini sections of one large circuit, rather then, a full course of the whole rally circuit. Many well known tracks from around the world are also missing. Dirt 3 STILL refuses to let go of Americanism and X-Sports; thats still annoying as ever!!! WHY! feels that Dirt 3 is trying to please the Tony Hawks fans by stripping away the deeper rules, customization, immersion and skill of what rallying is about, simply to appeal to the arcade ‘RESPECT’ gaming crowd. The whole rallying experience has been simplified and taken out compared from previous deeper gameplay mechanics from CMR 1&2 on XBOX1, eg: Limited-time preparation getting your car ready for next race by repairing the damage you caused from previous rally course, looking at weather and condition of track to set-up car for next race, season tables, longer tracks, better damage to car..etc. Dirt 3 misses many important rally features, also the options for car customization is rarely needed as Dirt 3 default setting does everything for you!…Car damage that effects the car is lessoned and is more eye-candy rather then mechanical, making driving less skill based and less care or worry of damage required (no tyre wear or damage, engine/gear damage really takes a lot of beating to effect the car, lights never damage, don’t have to worry about fixing you car for next race..etc!). All this takes away the feeling of pushing the risk/reward play involved in rally driving!!…The whole feeling of being a rally driver is not there – you’re rallying one minute then doing X-Sports the next!. You don’t feel part of a team that needs to succeed, or feel the need to care for the car you drive. Cars are also to easily available and with no threat of getting thrown out the tournament due to carelessly damaging your car. The menu screens are again too BLING for my liking. Dirt 3 while less Americanized (thank god) then Dirt 2; it still misses the essence, excitment, danger of what rally is about – pushing the car to it’s limit with risk and reward. It feels it’s been stripped back from previous CMR games and is drifting more towards to trying to be everything with silly X-sports and less about proper real rally conditions. I just hope upcoming FIA Championship Rally will bring a proper deeper rally game, rather then a bit of everything game and Americanism.

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